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The world

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But what is the world? what do we know about him? To begin with, everything we can know about the world we do through the senses. It is everything that we can see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. We see colors and shapes. Yes, but... everything we see we produce ourselves. There are no colors or shapes in light waves. In the same way, the sounds we produce ourselves. There is no sound in air pressure differences. Don't look for smells or tastes in chemicals either. Nor is there any tactile sensation, neither pain nor cold nor heat in what we touch. And not to mention thoughts... If we say that the material world is made up of matter and energy, we have a problem. We assume that matter exists because we touch it. But touch is not produced by matter, nor do we see it. Regarding energy, there is neither heat nor cold in it. We assume there is matter and we assume there is energy, but there is no way to prove it. Both are concepts, and what we can say about them is that they have similar properties and differ only in the interaction with the Higgs field. But they are nothing more than conceptual objects endowed with certain regulated properties. That is, they are information. And his behavior, far from being free, is absolutely fixed. An electron is not free to be what it wants or to do what it wants. If we add to this indisputable evidence and that is that everything is conditioned, you don't have to be very smart to realize that only conditions condition conditions. In other words, everything is conditions. If we also see that the behaviors are fixed, there is no way to find a bit of freedom in the whole universe. And if we are in the universe it is because we are conditioned, that is, we are just as autonomous as an electron. And you can check it for yourself. The world is what you see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. The question is do you control what you see? do you control how the eye sees? Do you control the reaction to what you see? Do you control how you perceive what you see? Do you control the conditional situation of what you see? Do you control how you know what you see?... the same with the rest of the senses. And exactly the same with regard to thoughts. They arise but you don't know how, but you think they are yours. You think you control them, but it's not true. You are stuck in a fixed structure of immovable information in which it is your consciousness that runs through it. The differences in perception is what is called «time». It is not a magnitude at all. And since time is interrelated with space, since time is not a magnitude, space is not either. Acceleration relates space and time, that is, it is not a magnitude. And since force and mass are related to acceleration, they are not magnitudes either... and so on. Being the magnitudes the basis of physics and this of all sciences, here we see that science cannot give answers to anything because it is not based on anything. They are castles in the air that come in handy to explain things, like the wise men or the stork. If, coming this far, you still believe that positivism has any value beyond serving as an example of ridicule, you have a serious reading comprehension problem. Yes, you are embedded in a fixed structure of immovable information in the form of conditions (did you ever realize that you cannot change any condition, no matter how small?) and that, furthermore, you are part of it. It's okay at this point that you start to get overwhelmed, because the outlook is pretty bleak. If you begin to glimpse what suffering consists of... Welcome to Samsara!

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